Syncros Guidon Creston 1.5 Compact 400mm

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Creston 1.5 bars are crafted from high grade 7075 alloy to ensure precise steering in a lightweight, race worthy design. The extra reinforced clamping area reduces stress, while the compact bend provides you with a modern and comfortable hand position to mitigate fatigue, keeping you both confident and in control.

Material: Alliage AL7050

Geometry: Compact, 70mm Reach / 125mm Drop

Clamp Diameter: Surdimensionné 31,8 mm

Weight: 280 g (420 mm)


  • Compact drop and reach with smooth curve transition
    70mm Reach / 125mm Drop
  • Short reach and shallow bend with smooth transitions alleviate pressure on hands and greatly improve comfort
  • AL2014 construction
  • Compatible with clip-on aero bars
  • Oversized 31.8mm center section
  • Available in 38/40/42/44cm
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